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Monthly Archives: May 2015


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HINT: Don’t upgrade Six-Trak to Firmware Version 11

Been battling a bug in the Six-Trak firmware and I think I’m finally going to have to admit defeat.

At first the bug appeared as a silent failure. When in stack mode (omni off, mono on), certain parameters on voices 5 and 6 are un-addressable.  Sending CC messages to toggle SAW and TRI waveforms or the LFO wave shape simply do nothing.  Oddly, toggling the PULSE waveform works fine.  This bad behavior is 100% reproducible on both the MAX and Six-Trak running firmware v.09.

The final version of firmware for the Six-Trak is v.11 which boasts better MIDI support.  I copped a v.11 ROM off ebay hoping it might fix this annoying bug.  To my dismay, it is much much worse.  Instead of failing silently, it now CRASHES THE SYNTH.  Arrrrgghhhh!!!

It seems the only viable workaround is to limit stack mode to the first 4 voices.  In the grand scheme of things its not the end of the world, but I’m not happy about it.

Also, there is a false black widow spider living on my back porch (pictured above).

Stay tuned for version Model610 v1.1 dropping shortly via the app store.  In addition to this workaround, it also has some other major improvements.