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Model610 is a dedicated iOS controller application for the Sequential Circuits Six-Trak and MAX synthesizers.



– Hands on control of all synthesis parameters in an intuitive layout
– Special MONO and STACK modes for new sound and performance possibilities
– Built in patch librarian for easy patch naming and management
– Automatic patch backup to the cloud
– Easy configuration via dedicated design.


– A Sequential Circuits Six-Trak or MAX Synthesizer
– An iOS capable MIDI interface (or network MIDI solution)
– Any iPad running iOS 8 or later

User Guide:

Model610 User Guide


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  1. Hi Bill Mitsakos – your app is quite good looking. Do you know where I can get a bin file to upgrade my Six Traks ( I got two of them) to version 11. Right now I am on 09. Maybe you can send it to me via email. That would be great. Btw. I am running my own played YouTube channel. You are welcome to check it out and maybe I can feature your app there too if you like. Here is the link to my channel:

    Looking forward hearing from you. Best Matthias

    • Hi Matthias,

      I would actually recommend sticking with version 09 as it is more stable than version 11. Version 11 offers non-volatile midi settings but also has a nasty bug that can crash the synth and force you to turn it off and on again. If you are using the Model610 app the version 11 features make no difference since the app overrides the midi settings anyways. So please stick with version 09!

      I’ve still got one more update to Model610 before it is feature complete. After that I will be making some videos to demonstrate everything it can do. I’d love to share them with you at that point.

      Kind regards,


  2. Hi Bill,
    that sounds interesting and you are the first that recommends version 09. I haven`t heard anything considering the crash failur so far but on the other side in version 09 the sixtrack is not compatible to other midi clock then the SCI one. I allready got the version 11 file now and will burn an eprom so that I can check it out how the failur bothers me or not. I can easily switch back to the older eprom I think. Thank you very much anyway and I am looking forward to your videos. Best Matthias

  3. Hi, Bill. I want to change the firmware of my sixtrakt (v11) to the new v12. I don’t know nothing about electronics, but I thing that I need an eprom chips programmer, right?

  4. Hi Sebastien,

    There are folks around that can burn eproms to order, so you don’t need to get a burner yourself. Unfortunately, sometimes these folks can be flakey which is why I am not recommending my guy. He has yet to deliver me the eproms I ordered.

    On that note, I’m gonna get a burner myself so I can cut the new OS for whoever needs it. I’ll update here when I am set up to do so.



  5. Wow1 Okay, bit of a learning curve burning EPROMS for the firs time. But I’ve figured it out and am now able to cut the latest EPROM version 12 (or the fixed version 9). They do indeed fix the bug with voices 5 and 6. Thanks so much to Bob Grieb. I’m going to be putting them up for sale on ebay, or feel free to email me directly.

  6. I dug out my Six trak tonight and bought this app. Thanks so much! You’ve brought new life to my old friend. It’s very intuitive to tweak patches now. I love that you have followed to the motif of the Six-Trak front panel too. I have version 9 EPROM and am interested in getting the new version 12.

    • Awesome. Glad you are digging it. Yes, I can cut you and eprom. I’ll email you directly. Cheers.

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